Health Matters

Children should not come to school if they are not fully fit.  We also ask that children who have had diarrhoea and/or sickness return to school only after 48 hours of being clear of these symptoms.


If your child falls ill or has an accident at school, we will telephone for you to come and collect your child.  It is vital to make sure the school has an up to date list of telephone numbers for parents and other emergency contacts.  Should any emergency contact numbers change, please advise the school office immediately. 

We can administer prescribed medicine to children if necessary.  All medicine should be in single dose containers, clearly marked with the name of the child and the dosage.  We cannot administer medicine unless you have filled out a consent form.  All medicines must be handed into the office by an adult.

Our admission form contains a space for you to inform the school if your child has a serious or long term medical condition.  We ask you to keep the school informed of any changes to your child's health.