Cranbrook E-Safety Ambassadors


What we do: 


  • Help others to be safer online 
  • Talk to children across the school after safety concerns they might have 
  • Keep parents and Governors up to date on current E-safety topics 
  • Promote safer internet day and help plan activities 
  • Help plan and co-ordinate E-Safety assemblies and events  


See below for top tips for keeping safe online, written by the E-Safety Ambassadors:


Keep privacy settings on phone apps and your computer on max. Ask an adult or an ambassador if you need help. 


When playing online, only speak to people you know are your friends in real life. 



Do not meet anyone in real life who you only know online.


Remember if you are being cyber bullied it isn’t your fault. Speak to a trusted adult at home or at school. 


Do not click on pop-ups you don’t understand. They may download a virus to your phone, tablet or computer.



Be careful about what you post on social media. Make sure your privacy settings are high. 


Never give any personal information such as your name, age or where you live to anyone online. . 


Block the numbers of people who send nasty messages.