Learning Support


SEND Support During School Closure at Cranbrook Primary School

 During the school closure your child’s class teacher has provided tasks for the children to complete.

In addition to this, I will be adding a range of resources and hyperlinks on this web page to support your child. The visual support resources are the kind of resources we use in school to help some pupils access the curriculum and may be helpful at home to support the work you will be completing with your children.


I will be contactable via the school office during the school closure period.


Thank you

Joanna Langton (Inclusion Manager)


Visual support resources:


Speech and Language Support:

To support your children's speech, language and communication needs, speech and language have fast tracked the launch of their new Parent Portal to help with this. The site will be live from Friday 20th March and will provide parents with FREE speech and language advice, resources and activities.  


The site can be found at  https://speechandlanguage.info/parents


Access to Widgit online. This website uses pictures and associated actions. Widgit Symbols can help users of all ages, abilities and backgrounds who have difficulties with text or communication.


 Social and Emotional Support:

At this time of change anxiety is likely to be high for all children. This anxiety may be expressed in different ways. Talking about the changes and about CV19 will help reduce levesl of anxiety. The following tools may be of help to you with your children.


Wellbeing in the Weald have released the following document that provides support and advice to give to those that are struggling at the current time.

Wellbeing links



For pupils

  • Reassure them that they are safe
  • Let them talk about their worries
  • Share your coping skills
  • Limit their news exposure
  • Create a routine and structure

BREATHING to help reduce Anxiety

It is normal to breathe fast when we are anxious – it is the body’s way to prepare for the fight, flight or freeze reaction. However, if we slow our breathing down it can help us relax and reduce our anxiety.

Square breathing produces amazing positive results whenever you are feeling anxious, nervous, excited or fearful and you would like to calm yourself.  These can be used in exams or the classroom and you can use the desk, a piece of paper or even a screen as a visual prompt for the square.

Calming Techniques

Some of the following techniques may be useful when trying to calm down. Everybody is different - see which one works best for you.

Try the different suggestions to see  which one works best for you.
Try the different suggestions to see which one works best for you.