Cranbrook C of E Primary

Religious Education


In preparing our children for the wider world, the teaching of Religious Education seeks to establish and develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of Christian beliefs and traditions and also introduce them to the teachings and practices of other major world religions represented in Great Britain.  The children will be encouraged to develop respect both for their own beliefs and values and for the diversity in religious belief and practice in the wider community. 


RE is taught using the medium term plans, developed by the diocesan advisor, that follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus. The plans provide a balance of both attainment targets:  AT1 Learning about Religion and AT2 Learning from Religion.  


Religious education encourages the development and application of general educational skills: investigation, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, responding and questioning. Religious education makes a major contribution to pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Religious education will challenge stereotypes, misinformation and misconceptions about race, gender and religion. It will seek to present religions in all their richness and diversity in terms of beliefs, traditions, customs and lifestyle in a sensitive and accurate way, to encourage a positive attitude towards that diversity.


From the time of the 1944 Education Act, parents have had the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education.  Our school must comply with any request from a parent to withdraw their child and parents are not required to give their reasons for wanting to do so. However we would always offer parents considering withdrawing their child(ren) the opportunity to discuss the  teaching of religious education.