Partnership with Parents


Parent Volunteers

The partnership between school and home is vital in ensuring the very best education for children. Parents have a wealth of skills and talents to offer and are welcomed into school as helpers for reading, craft sessions or on school trips. All volunteers are required to have a DBS check carried out prior to coming into the school. Please talk to your child's class teacher in the first instance if you are interested in becoming  a parent volunteer.


Class Assemblies

Parents are invited to class assemblies, one of which will be held every academic year for each class. Parents are also welcome to view the work of their children at any reasonable time by arrangement with the class teacher.


'Meet the Experts'/ Parent Share Afternoons

During the course of the academic year, there will be opportunities for parents to come in to 'meet the experts' and find out about the topics taught from the learners themselves. This will provide an opportunity for parents to view their child's learning journey book and find out about their learning over the previous term.  


Parent Workshops and Forums

Throughout the year we run workshops and forums for parents. Workshops include phonics (helping parents understand how we teach systematic synthetic phonics in EYFS and key stage 1) and maths workshops, which parents are invited to take part in with their children. 


We also hold regular parent forums to provide opportunities to hear from parents on a range of issues pertinent to the school. Dates for workshops and forums will be shown on the website calendar and also highlighted in the fortnightly newsletters