At Cranbrook we are committed to keeping the children active and healthy through educating them on healthy life choices involving exercise and health. ‚Äč The children are involved in two PE lessons a week focusing around a range of different skills, sports and activities. In addition to these opportunities, children are able to access different clubs before, during and after school to keep them active. As a school we are also regularly involved in competitions with other schools. We are proud of our sporting achievements and the children and are always brilliant representatives of our school by demonstrating our school values. 

School closure guidance: 

During the school closure we would love the children to maintain an active lifestyle and make healthy choices. Please see the list of websites below which can help them achieve this.

Some of these activities involve use of equipment, cooking, meal preparation and advice on how to keep hands clean.


Healthy food choices:

You could try making some of these healthy meals and snacks at home.


Activities that can completed at home: 

‚ÄčThese websites provide activities that can done at home. There are lots of brilliant videos for you to be watching and workouts to be taking part in. 

Activities based around sports: 

Websites which require signing up:  

Stay active, healthy and have fun! 

Learn Grow Shine
Learn Grow Shine



At Cranbrook we are very lucky as we are able to take part in competitions with other schools. 

We are very proud of all of the children and their achievements at these.  Our recent achievements include:

  • Participation in a swimming gala 
  • 1st place at the New Age Kurling competition 
  • The year 6's preparing for their upcoming swimming gala