Mrs R Piper










 Teaching Staff:

 Miss M Dewberry


 Diamond Class


 Miss C King

 Year 1

 Emerald Class


 Miss F Shaw

 Year 2 (EYFS/ KS1 Lead  & English Lead)

 Jade Class


 Mrs K Whittingham

 Year 3

 Ruby Class (3 days pw)


 Mrs J O'Leary

 Year 3

 Ruby Class (2 days pw)


Miss L Stanford

 Year 4

 Moonstone Class


Ms P Gray

 Year 5

 Amber Class


Mr C McCabe

 Year 6 (KS2 Lead  & Maths Lead)

 Topaz Class









 Support Staff:

Mrs J Langton

 Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Manager


Mrs D Shaw

 Family & Community Manager 



Mrs L Moser

 Learning & Behaviour Mentor


Miss K Brimsted

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs K Charge

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs J Norris

 Teaching Assistant



Miss T Johnson

 Teaching Assistant & Forest School Leader 



Miss L Aistrup

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs B Piper

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs C Turvill-Smith

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs L Sellick

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs S Smithers

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs N Stonebridge

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs E Wright

 Teaching Assistant



Mrs R Bickerton

 Teaching Assistant



Miss A Byrne

Miss K Christie

 Teaching Assistant

 Teaching Assistant


 Administrative Team:

Mrs J McKellar

 School Business Manager



Miss V Howell

 School Secretary






 Midday Supervisors:

 Mrs C Clement




 Mrs J Lay




 Mrs I Penfold




 Mr P Wright

 & Forest School Assistant



 Mrs M Punch





 Mr P Piper






For queries from parents and members of the public, please contact Vicky Howell (School Secretary) in the first instance, on 01580 713249.