Watch the videos below of the sounds we have learnt so far in Phonics in EYFS.  

Further down are videos of the Little Wandle rhymes we say to help us remember each grapheme. Click here for an overview of the rhymes we are saying.

Click here for a definition of the Little Wandle terms we use.


s for snake

p for penguin


ai - tail in the rain

oa - soap that goat

ar - march in the dark

ow - wow owl

air - chair in the air

a for astronaut

i for iguana

Little Wandle Rhymes

ee - sheep in a jeep

long oo - zoom to the moon

or - born with a horn

oi - boing boing

er - a bigger digger

t for tiger




igh - a light in the night

short oo - hook a book

ur - curl the fur

ear - get near to hear